Kenny Bunner

Case studies in school and college, what is it?

January 2018

Case studies in school and college, what is it?

            A case study can be defined as a report about a particular activity, problem or event that is associated with potential or real situation and includes certain difficulties that you may face in that particular setting. In this way, case studies are supposed to help students understand how difficulties faced in real-life situations can affect their decisions.

The analysis of a cases study requires that students apply the acquired knowledge to practical situations. When analyzing a case study, it is important to use knowledge and reasoning in practical settings and draw appropriate conclusions on the topic.

What are the features of case studies in school and college settings?

First, a case study is taken from the real-life situations, despite the fact that real names and identities could be omitted. Second, a case study consists of numerous parts and each of these parts generally comprises various points and problems for further debate. Third, a case study includes enough information to be presented to the reader in order to solve certain problems. Finally, case studies contain the personalities, events, conflicts and settings that can be faced in real life, and this is what makes them believable for the audience.

What are the types of case studies? In fact, there are numerous types of cases studies. To mention a few of them, case studies can take a form of a historical narration, in which one needs to investigate the causes and outcomes of a particular situation and analyze the lessons learned from some particular event. Various types of case studies require that a student imagines him/herself in particular circumstances and makes certain comments on the situation they are faced with. Such types of case studies are known as problem oriented. There are different other types of cases studies learnt in the school and college settings. In general, this kind of studies is necessary for helping a student learn how to solve real-life problems and challenges.